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Greg Hendry and Heather Fields, Owners of William and Fields Real Estate Photography

About Us

Welcome to William & Fields Real Estate Photography, where artistry meets experience to capture the essence of your property. We are Greg and Heather, a dynamic husband-and-wife team driven by passion, professionalism, and a shared love for the world of real estate.


Our company name, William & Fields, is a fusion of our individual identities. It combines Greg's middle name, William, and Heather's maiden name, Fields, representing the harmony we bring to our business. Our journey into the world of real estate photography is a true labor of love and collaboration.


Greg, with over 10 years of experience in the sales industry, has honed his skills in understanding the needs of Real Estate professionals and how to effectively collaborate with his clients. Heather, a dedicated Registered Nurse, brings her exceptional attention to detail and people-oriented perspective to our work. Together, our diverse backgrounds offer a well-rounded approach to real estate photography.

Greg Hendry

Greg oversees the day-to-day operations, ensuring that every aspect of our work runs smoothly. From scheduling and equipment maintenance to the final delivery of stunning photographs, Greg's meticulous eye for detail ensures that your experience with Williams and Fields is nothing short of exceptional. He is Part 107 Certified and his favoite part of his job is when his clients order aerial photos so he can fly his drone!

DJI Aerial Drone Operator for Real Estate Photography
Greg and Heather Owners of Real Estate Photography Business William & Fields

Heather Fields

Heather is the creative force behind our social media presence, leveraging her unique insights to connect with our clients and showcase the stories behind the properties we photograph. Her passion for people adds a distinctive touch to our brand's online presence.



Service area of real estate photography near me in Atlanta, Metro Atlanta, Athens, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County



Tel: 770-870-7826

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