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  • How quickly will you deliver my photos?
    We will have your photos delivered within 24 hours of your scheduled shoot.
  • Do you offer drone photography?
    Yes! Flying a drone for commercial purposes without a Part 107 certification is illegal but rest assured- every photographer at William & Fields is has their certification. We must follow all FAA regulations which includes following flight restriction laws in certain areas. In most cases, we can get a waiver if your property is in a restricted zone.
  • Do you offer virtual tours?
    Yes! We offer Matterport virtual tours.
  • Tell me about your free marketing kit.
    While a lot of real estate photography companies deliver their media via Google Drive and Dropbox, we have a custom built software specifically designed for real estate agents. When you login to your account to download your media, there will be an option to view/download your marketing material. This includes premade flyers, postcards, social media posts and a property website for each listing you have! If you have ever used Canva to design a flyer or social media post, our software is similar but easier to use- and free!
  • How do I book a shoot?
    We have a custom built portal for our clients that allows you to book a specific date and time that works best for you. Just click 'Book Online' from the menu. Alternatively, you can call us at 770-870-7826.
  • Do you offer video?
    Yes! We make sure to stay up on the latest trends in the industry and have noticed that traditional horizontal video is being utilized less and less due to it's complexity to schedule, cost to shoot, and editing/delivery times. Our solution is Vertical Video- videos that are still shot on a professional gimbal, in 4K 60FPS, and optimized for social media (hence why it's shot vertical). It is delivered within 24 hours instead of the traditional video timeline of 48-72 hours. Our Vertical Videos are all shot on an iPhone 13 or newer and are edited with trending transitions such as slow-mo and speed ramps. If you have a particular editing style you would like us to do, let us know or send us a video style you'd like to mimic and we can do that! Our videos are delivered without any music allowing you to add your favorite song (or pick a trending one from that platform 😉).
  • How do I get in contact with you?
    You can call us at 770-870-7826 or email us at
  • Do you offer discounts on any services?
    We have a lot of savings built into our bundles making sure to provide you with the best value we can. Outside of that, we do offer discounts for referrals and the brokerages we work with also get special pricing. To inquire about brokerage pricing, please call 770-870-7826.
  • What sets you apart from other Real Estate Photography companies?
    In the competitive world of real estate photography, choosing the right partner to showcase your properties can feel overwhelming. We understand this, and these 5 points are what sets us apart from the other companies out there: 1. Purely Focused on Real Estate: Unlike many photographers who juggle various photographic endeavors, our passion and expertise lie solely in real estate. This allows us to dedicate our full attention to the unique needs of this industry, ensuring you receive the specialized service and understanding your property deserves. 2. Your One-Stop Shop for Media and Marketing: Forget juggling multiple vendors for different media needs. We offer a comprehensive package, encompassing stunning photography, high-quality videography, and captivating virtual tours. We create all the essential marketing materials you need to attract and engage potential buyers such as downloadable flyers, postcards, social media posts and a property website for each of your listings. 3. Building Relationships, Not Just Serving Clients: We believe in fostering long-term relationships with every client. We take the time to understand your vision and goals, ensuring your property's story is authentically captured and effectively communicated. Our approachable and collaborative style makes the process seamless and stress-free. 4. Seamless Ordering and Delivery: We've implemented a user-friendly online platform that simplifies the entire ordering and delivery process. From scheduling your shoot to receiving your final materials, everything is streamlined and transparent, leaving you with more time to focus on your business. 5. Professionalism Beyond Expectations: We understand that first impressions are crucial. Our team arrives for every shoot well-dressed, prepared and on time reflecting the professionalism and quality you expect from a trusted partner. We believe in exceeding expectations at every turn, delivering exceptional results and building relationships that extend beyond your immediate needs. Whether you're a seasoned realtor or a new investor, we're here to empower you with the captivating visuals you need to achieve success.
  • How much does real estate photography cost?
    This varies from company to company. For a lot of photography companies, real estate photography is not their main focus and they charge more due to the nature of their primary services (weddings, event, etc). We ONLY do real estate media which allows us to be competitvely priced and gives you the peace of mind that goal is help you sell your listing faster and build longterm relationships with our clients. Our services vary from $150-$400.



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